Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heart's Desire Needs Your Help!

I am doing Esther's BOM - Heart's Desire.  I had gotten some fabrics together and started it.
Then in looking at it, my hearts blended in too much into the background.  See that?

 So, I'm trying some different ideas.

blue embroidery
 I'm rejecting at this point the ones with the lines drawn through, unless you convince me differently.

darkest blue underneath

dark red underneath
 These are all roughly basted on for the moment.  Hopefully, they'll look much smoother when I do the real thing.

darker and thinner blue underneath
 I really think I am going with a blue, but what option, thick, thinner, or thinnest.

same blue as center and thinner.
I am really thankful for Esther's Yahoo group .  Everyone there has been helpful.  If you are doing this block, it would be wise to join the group.  You can bring all your questions and see what others are doing.  It helps with ideas.
Now it's your turn.  Let me know what you think.

And for a last note.  Here's a pic of Eloise trying out her walker.  She is borrowing it from her cousin who has learned how to walk.  Eloise's feet don't touch the floor yet, but she seems interested in the toys on the tray.


  1. I like the blue fabric behind the hearts. It outlines and defines the blue center beautifully.

  2. I like the blue at the bottom. That is the same color blue already used, right? They look good together and the heart stands out nicely.

  3. I like the last blue option best.

  4. I like the medium one. And on the embroidery (I do like embroidery), I might be tempted to try a chain stitch snugged up along the heart to get a slightly thicker line. Start the chain at the bottom of the point on both sides of the heart and meet at the top incurve of the heart to maintain a nice shape at the point. You're way ahead of me...I'm still appliquing my first underlayer. Enjoy!

  5. Thinnest. But I still say use a burgandy embroidery stitch instead. Maybe is you go with embroidery, some could be blue and some burgandy. Of course we don't know what's coming.


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