Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ruffly Dresses

My seamstress daughters hoodwinked me into doing some sewing for them.  They are very busy right now and have hired their students and friends that know how to sew to help them.  And they also came to me.  So I asked, "What shall I do for you?"  They gave me a ruffly dress to sew for a customer.  A size 1T.  A small dress.
It is an older pattern from the time when I was sewing for my girls.  It took me back a while in time to thinking of all the dresses I made for my girls.

 I am still a quilter, so for the straight pieces, the ruffles and ties, etc. I measured  and used my rotary cutter.  It's easier than cutting with a scissors.

 It's coming together.  Back 15 -20 years ago, I made all my girls their Sunday dresses.  Just about all of them.  I loved to sew and I enjoyed making them dresses that I knew I'd have to pay a lot for if I bought them of the same caliber.  Of course I didn't serge.  I didn't have one.  And I didn't french seam.  That was a lot of work.  So they weren't especially professional looking.

And we didn't have digital cameras.  I wish I had photos of all the dresses.  It would be a nice way to help the girls remember them.  When they outgrew them, I gave them away to girls younger than them.  So I don't have any of them.

Here is one of the few photos I do have.  These young girls are now my seamstresses.

And here they are with their older sister, who is also in a dress I made for her.

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