Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Sing Me A Song" The Journey Ends

At the time of this last post on this block  I had gotten the vines and most of the leaves on the block.
 I was getting ready to do the buds.  What fabric?  I had these pinks as possibilities.  But I couldn't make a decision so

I went on to the hearts.  I had found some light pinks I liked and used them.  Now my daughters are seamstresses.  They sew clothing.  And they throw away large scraps.  I go through their trash once in a while and take out scraps that I think I may be able to use.  These hearts have some of that.  I fused the Floriani onto the fabric and just cut a slit for the center hole.

 You can see how I was stitching the hole, just needleturning it around the fusible as I went.

All the hearts.  Because some are from the girl's trash, they aren't necessarily quilting fabrics.  One is a knit and another is a home decor weight fabric.  I liked their colors so I used them anyways.

After the hearts, I found this fabric (also some the girls had thrown out) and thought if I fussy cut, the roses would look great for flower buds.  So all those other pinks got put aside for another project.

I laid the two squares next to each other to make sure they look compatible.

 All the greens for the buds are fused and ready to be cut.  I cut them one at a time to keep them more organized.  You can see the hole in the dark green which was a leaf from another project.

To sew them down, I used 2 needles again with a light and dark thread so I wouldn't have to keep changing the thread out.  It is just too hard to keep threading the needles.

And the bird is going to get to sing.  I wanted his wing to be bright.

I used six strands of a dark embroidery floss to do the twirlys that go around the stem.  I used a running stitch.

 And here's the finished square.  I am pleased with it.  I washed it to get the blue out and see how the Floriani would feel.  You can't tell it was there.  It works great.  It makes for crisp edges in doing the applique, but is not stiff when it gets wet.  I'll put veins on the leaves when I quilt it.

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