Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ribboned Wrap Around Cardi

Eloise is displaying the last of the sweaters that I've knitted out of my Sirdar book.  I have knitted at least one variation of each sweater in it.  The sweaters all have several variations.
This is the ribbon wrapped cardi.  In my opinion, it is more work than is needed for a baby to get it on with that ribbon.  All of these sized do go up to a 7 so it may be different with older ones. But the ribbon does go through a hole and a loop as it wraps around the back.  The ribbon does add a nice touch though

My daughters were going through their yarn stash and said "Mom, this is your yarn. "  I did not agree but I took it.  It is a cheap acrylic like I don't buy anymore, but it looks nice on this sweater.

Detail of the sweater front and maybe you can even see the lace edging knitted on.

 I do think the model is cuter than the sweater.  Of course she's my favorite model.

Check out more on the sweater on Ravelry.


  1. The model and the sweater are both darling!

  2. That it so sweet! I really like it.


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