Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little Bo Peep

She has not lost her sheep.  They like to stay with her.  This is a rendition of a Jean Greenhowe Dumpling doll that I have done.  Once you've done several of her dolls, you get the idea and can figure your own out.

 Look how I did her hair.  That took a little ingenuity to come up with the curls.

 The sheep and the staff came from Farmer Woolie.

Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Azalia's Quilt

She has her name on it.

It's full of flowers.

 Even ones quilted into it.

You can see the start of it here.

I think she'll like it.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Time at Seaside

My family has been spending the weekend at Seaside Oregon.  It's been a very pleasant time.  A few pics.
Those are my children on the beach.

The town.

The beach on Christmas morning.  This is a sped up video.  It was quite fun to see the sand sweeping across the beach.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweater Time

I have been knitting.  For a while I had quite a few customer sweaters to knit, but now I'm knitting new ones for the store.
 This first one I've made in a boy's style and sold quite a few.  I decided I should try one for a girl.  It's already a hit.  The flowered portion is a big pocket, nice for keeping hands warm.

 I knitted this in a washable wool blend.  
Elizabeth's doing a great job for me, isn't she.  I think it's because she has a new baby sister.  When my children were young, they were more at ease with others after the new baby was born.  This is my first photo shoot that Elizabeth has been willing to participate in.

Annie is wearing a short bolero type of sweater.  I like how it ties in the front.
It's knitted with a cotton blend yarn, a very soft one.
Annie loves to pose.  She stands there perfectly.  So perfect , I had to come up with something for her to do, the more natural look.

 So we put her back to coloring, which is what she was doing when I showed up.  That worked great.
(She is still posing though.  You can see that look in her face.  Pretty cute.)   :)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Little Things

These are some doilies that I mimicked from some I had pinned on Pinterest.  There were no instructions, but clear pictures and they did look so cute.  I knew they'd be small, but hadn't realized how small.  They range from 3-4 inches.  I'm not sure how they could be used.  I  think some may be too small for coasters.
Actually, I think they did get used at a party as part of the centerpiece decor.  I haven't seen pics though.

And then we have a customer who knows she is having her baby quite early, and the girls are sewing preemie clothes for her.  I made this hat, as I was quite experienced making Eloise lots of preemie hats.

I also was going to make Eloise mittens.  These are the ones that are too small.  They are too large for a preemie though.  Probably newborn.

 After the first failure I did make her some and attached an I cord to them.  After all, she doesn't want to keep them on.

 They are a little big and we may shirr  them to hold them on better.

By the way, my daughters' sewed up the coat for her.  Isn't it cute?

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ode to the Thirties Quilt

This is a  quilt I was doing as a BOM with a few women in my quilt guild.  It's been a project of a year and is nice to have finished.  When quilts are finished they look so beautiful and I am enjoying this one.  I think I'll keep it hanging on my staircase railing for a while.

It is Ode to the Thirties, designed by Lori Smith.  I started with 30's reproductions, but as I didn't want to keep buying, I started using fabrics in my stash that seemed to go along.

It took some time to quilt, as I had to come up with something for each square.

The appliqued squares I did different fillers in the background.

 Some pieced squares could have the same effect.  Here is feathers,

 flowers inside each flower,

and  swirls.

 The pieced blocks also had feathers, fancy line dancing,

some twirls,


 and simple line dancing.  There was a lot of that.

 The border was a feather.  This is now ready for my guild's quilt show in February.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Vaira's quilts

She brought me two smaller quilts, both with bold fabrics.

 I did some flowers all over this one.

 This one was swirls and feathers.  It all blends in so well you can't really see them.  Don't you like the fabrics she uses?

Eloise enjoys playing and singing at the piano.  Here she's really getting into it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Bags

 I love going to the fabric store.   There are so many beautiful fabrics.  And some I just don't want to cut up into small pieces for quilts.  Bags or aprons seem the way to go with these fabrics.  It's fun to put together the different fabrics that I like.   
Here are 2 new bags that I made this weekend. 

These are both designed by Geta  and she has the patterns for sale on her blog.  The one above is a little smaller than the bottom one.  I love how you can use 2 different fabrics easily on them and they look so nice.
Notice the pockets on the front,

and the zippered pocket on the back,

and there are also a couple of pockets inside.  Pockets are important to me.

These will be for sale in my Etsy shop.

Eloise also has something new about her.  See her ears.  Now she has sparklies.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Ode to the Thirties -Getting Quilted

It's been a year in the making.  And finally it's on my frame.

I think this should get a Whoop-Whoop!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eloise Gets Her First Apron

And of course, Grandma made it for her.  Since she started walking, it seemed to me she needed an apron.  Looking through my stash I found this fabric and it did say Eloise on it .  I don't know where I bought it or when and had even forgotten that I had it, but it sure was perfect.

The smallest size I could find was a 4, so I had to down size.  I made a mock up to fit on her first, and then did the one she has.

 So now she will learn to cook with her mom and be prepared.

It even has a cute little pocket

 And I put velcro closures in the back of the neck so that it can be adjustable in size.

She even enjoys cooking on the floor.

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