Monday, March 21, 2011

Lattice Cardigan

I spend every evening knitting.  Now that my children are all older it makes a difference how much time I have then that I can just sit and knit.   I love it.
Here's Zoe (one of Eloise's older friends) modeling a sweater I just finished .  I broke down and actually bought a pattern that I  thought was cute.  I usually try for free ones or in books I have bought at a bargain.  This one is called Springtime in Hollis by  Teresa Cole.  I really like this one.

 I used a yarn that I've had stashed away for a long time.  It's a Caron Country.  A little wool, but mostly unnatural.  It has knots and it splits.  But it has a lovely sheen and drape.  I can't think whether I want to use it again.

 Zoe seems to be enjoying getting her picture taken.  She has just recently learned to walk.
You can get more details about the sweater on Ravelry.

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