Monday, May 25, 2015

J & B's Wedding Quilt

I have a son getting married in two weeks.  I've been working on a whole cloth quilt for them. You can see the design process in this post.  It gets pretty exciting to make them such a present.  It's also pretty exciting to have another son getting married.  
I have put the top of the quilt on my longarm with thick poly batting.  I used wash away thread on the top and sewed around the edges of the the design to get ready for cutting away.
 In this pic, you can see the design that's been sewn around.

 This is the backside with the batting.

And now I'm cutting away.  I'm using very sharp little scissors.  The ones I have are surgical shears.  They work so nicely.

 This is a sit around fun part, but it does take some time.  Then the quilt will be ready to go back onto my machine and the real quilting will begin.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slippers for Me

During the winter months I always wear slippers around the house.  My normal slippers have a sturdy bottom to them and sometimes I think they are almost like a shoe. So I knitted these slippers (several months ago) to be my comfy slippers in the evening when I'm just sitting around.

 I used a free Drops pattern. I soon discovered that it wasn't quite what I thought it was .  The slippers had a seam going down the middle of the bottom of the foot.  I didn't want that.  After looking around, I discovered that most slippers are that way.

 I was thinking it was more like a sock.  So I ripped some of it out and made it like a sock.  I was able to use an infant sized pattern for my double stranded worsted yarn.  It worked perfectly.  I did end up making it a little large, but it still works.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Even Baby Boys Need Hats

We have a small gift shop that we sell handmade items in.  Looking through it, I noticed a lacking of hats for baby boys.  Baby girls have a nice selection, but boys were missing out.  So I went to work knitting.
 Benjamin became my model for these hats as he is pretty young yet.
This is a cut little aviator hat.  I like the style and will make more of these.

 Moms do like them covering the ears.  I think he's just about outgrown this one.

 I knitted it with a washable wool.  Wool is nice and soft and the washables make it easy for mom not to have to think about separating it from the rest of her baby's clothing.

This is a Drops earflap pattern that I really like.  This hat is wool also with a fingering weight yarn.

 Baby boys do like blue.  The Ravelry link is here.

And this is the same pattern but using a yummy variegated yarn.  It looks like chocolate to me. This one was made a size larger than the last one. You can see it looks a little big on Benjamin.

In these last 2 hats, Benjamin is 2 months younger than in the first one. Can you tell the difference?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Teri's Quilt

This is a very cute quilt, made out of baby shirts, onesies, etc.

  I enjoyed reading it.

 I stippled this quilt.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Apron Time

Aprons can be quite fashionable.  They don't have to be heavily gathered like they used to be .  Now they are slim and make it easy to work in the kitchen.  Here are two that I've made recently.

 I sewed this one up for a customer who gave it to Jane.  She is my model in these pictures.  She doesn't like aprons that go around her neck and this worked perfectly for her.  The pattern is from a book called "More Retro Aprons" by Cindy Taylor Oates.  I really like the designs that she has.

 The ruffles are a nice addition to this apron.

I also make hot pads to go with it.  I must have deleted the picture that really shows the topside of the hot pads, but you can see it peeking through in back of the backside.

This is an apron that is a Rebecca Ruth design. You can check out her website here.
This particular apron is the "Vivian" pattern.
I used Western Washington shop hop fabric for this.  There was a sample one at Ruby Street Quiltworks.  I liked it so much that I had to copy it. 

 This pattern has large hidden pockets.  I really like the addition of the ric-rac also.

I sewed up a potholder that was the Ruby Street square for the shop hop.  It's almost too nice to really use.