Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue Praying

She is kneeling at her bedside and saying her nightly prayer.
This is Pam's.

This is my older one.

An evening prayer from Martin Luther in his Small Catechism.

I thank Thee, my heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, that Thou hast graciously kept me this day; and I pray Thee that Thou wouldst forgive me all my sins where I have done wrong, and graciously keep me this night.  For into Thy hands I commend myself, my body and soul, and all things.  Let Thy holy angel be with me, that the wicked Foe may have no power over me.  Amen.

Then go to sleep at once and in good cheer.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Carol's Quilt

This is a very pretty quilt. I like the use of the rick-rack border and the reproduction fabrics she used.  It has a bright pleasant look.

The back looks really nice quilted.  This is the best pic I could get of the quilting.  It shows up nicely to look at, but not with my camera.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

12 Little Hats All in a Row

A customer wanted these hats.  She had bought an original just like these for her newborn preemie.  The nurses and everyone that saw it really liked it, so she asked me to make mini ones that she would use as part of a thank you present for the nurses and others.  They took about a half hour to do each one.

You can see them next to a pencil for sizing.  My ravelry link.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eloise's New Coat and Hat

Grandpa got the pleasure 2 days in a row to take a prize to Eloise.  The first was the doll and the next day was a coat and hat I knitted for her.  Most of the knitting was done on our trip and especially on the plane home. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern and I think I'll make this one again.

I have put this one for sale also in my Etsy shop.  The sweater is made from a cotton blend yarn which is a very soft one.  I use this yarn a lot.

You can also check it out on Ravelry.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Different Dolls

This is a fabric paper doll, similar to the others I made, only this one comes with a pouch.  I though it an easy way to add a second paper doll to the playmat that I had already made, or just a less expensive way to have a fabric paper doll.

She comes with a pouch and all of this clothing.  She is being sold on Etsy.

This doll I crocheted for Eloise.  It saw this pattern here and thought it would make a cute doll for her, now that she's starting to grasp things.

 Grandpa got excited to give it to her.  She's also sitting in her new high chair, that her dad just finished setting up for her.

She's getting to be such a big girl.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pam's Baby Quilt

This is for a baby boy about to be born.  It is lovely and soft looking.

 She used a thick polyester batting and put minky on the back.  I've never quilted through minky before, but with a large stipple it all worked out great and has the puffiness that she wants.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Finished Projects from My Trip

I did finish a couple of items on this trip.  I can't just sit and do nothing, even in the hot sun.  On the beach and in my room I worked on these stocking caps.  One was bought by a customer for her preemie baby boy.  I am practicing my own pattern for the caps as the ones I found online weren't  quite what I wanted.
The one that is more green and stubbier is the preemie one.  I thought it was too stubbie.  So I made the other one also making the stocking longer.  I ran out of green so it has more grey.  You can get more details on how I made them on Ravelry.  Smaller one.   Larger one.

 I also made this doily for Naomi.  I used a size 20 crochet cotton which is thinner than the size 10 I normally use.  I like the feel of it and it has some stretch.  I always like pineapple designs.  This is also posted on Ravelry where you can also get the free pattern.

Today is Good Friday.  Christ was put on the Cross on this day.  This is what He did.
"Heaven depends upon Christ taking your sin. Because in the end, either that sin will be on you or on Christ. This is Paul's argument. If Christ is innocent and does not carry our sins, then we carry them and will die in them. The predicate sin, really belongs to the subject, Christ, in such a way that Christ becomes sin for you. Redemption requires the replacement of Christ for your sin."
- by Steven D. Paulson

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beach Fever?

I've been back one day now.  I've gone through the work items that I am doing for customers and have reminded myself what needs to get done and got an order going.  I am backed up on the Sunbonnet Sue squares for my customer, so I got started on that and also put a quilt on my frame.
Look at the square I started with - Sunbonnet Sue on the beach.  Maybe I'm not quite home yet.  This is Pam's.

 This is my older one.

And here is a photo of some Sunbonnet Babies at the pool.  They are a little young to play in the sand yet, although they ate some.  They did need those bonnets though.

Norah and Eloise

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Evening of Dessert

My husband and I love to go for dessert in the evening once in a while.  It's a great time to socialize with our family or some friends.
Our favorite place on Maui is the Kea Lani Resort.  We park on a street on the side and walk in the servants entrance.  Even that makes you think you're walking into Pharoah's Palace.

 Look how huge those columns are next to that bench!

We walk to the Cafe Ciao, which is a little deli in the place.

The people that work there are really there to serve you.  They were very nice.

 And just look at those desserts.  They also serve salads and many other nice foods.

 It's like a fancy corner market?

 Here are the ones we ordered.  We take our dessert out and go around the corner outside and sit with a nice view of the pool and the palms.  It was too dark to get good pictures.

One of Maui's beautiful sunsets.
Goodbye Maui

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Drive to Makena

One of the delights here is just the daily drive to the beach.  We stay in Kihei and drive through Wailea to Makena every day.  I tried to capture some of it with photos, although it's just a taste.

There is the very neatly manicured streets,

Golf greens with palms.

There are the planted flowers and shrubs, with the wildness of nature behind it.

There comes Red Hill with the water.

 Oh how I love these trees

 and palms

Red Hill is looming larger.

Haleakula is in back of these palms

I don't know if I recall ever seeing the mountain without a cloud hovering over it.

Finally we're at the beach

 And Eloise  in the cute dress from the famed dressmakers of Bella Jean Boutique (my twin daughters).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breakfast on the Beach

One day breakfast is at an elegant resort hotel, the next day it's on the beach.  Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I didn't want to miss it.
My son and his wife, with some help cooked us one this morning.

There was eggs in a basket of ham, french toast, stuffed french toast, sausage, bacon and I don't know what else.  It was great.  Here is some of it on the grill.

Several of the helpers.

Even Eloise got some unsweetened tea.  She loved it.

A view of the beach at our end.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Elegant Breakfast

All the Williams' mothers and daughters (except Eloise who slept in) took a morning to have some time together.  We went to the Four Seasons  for breakfast.  It was a lovely time.  Most of us got the buffet which meant many choices of great food.

This is an orange, carrot, honey and ginger juice that they gave us.

 At our table

 Some of the scenery at the Four Seasons.  We took a little walk on the lawn after we ate.

The restrooms are in this rock wall.

 Here we are - the Williams mothers and daughters.