Thursday, February 28, 2013

Through a Grandmother's Eyes

 This is an ad for a sewing machine.  Notice especially the little girl in the center.

 Do you see a similarity?  I do.  

 Grandma's can stretch things a little to suit themselves.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dogwood Flower

I just finished this small item.  Is is a wall hanging, reading mat or what else?
Elosie thought it should be a reading mat, but it does seem a little small for that.  Anyways she can't lay on it and read. 

 Fanciful feathers on the border.

 I added a thin layer of batting behind the flowers to make them puff out.

I put e's inside my l's on the sashings.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teri's vintage quilt

She gave me a top to quilt that was pieced in the 30's. it is so lovely. 

The applique is done with black running stitches.  This is the same method of a quilt I have from the same time period.
I love the fabrics and the look of this quilt.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dogwoods are Together

I have the  top of this small piece all put together.

 I was intending to use green with the pink, but didn't have a good one. I think of green being the in color with pink these days.  I'm trying to use up my stash. So blue flowers it is.  After all, I'm not going to use this blue on a boy's quilt.

Eloise has watched me put this together.  She really likes the flowers.  When the top was done, she told me it was good for reading on.  So maybe it's a child's reading mat.

The girls spent part of the weekend with us overnight.  Here it's nap time with Aunt Naomi.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tulips - A Finish

My finish this week.  It is a small one but I really like it.

 Finished size comes to 12" x 18"

 My husband wanted it hung on the wall.

 That surprised me.  "It's so pink!  It seems like it should be in Eloise or Juliet's room."

 He said, "It's Spring"

 It didn't look good on my wall, so after hanging it I took it down.  Maybe he'll forget about it.

 I've been selling quite a bit lately in my store, so I put it in there.  $25

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I've started another new project out of the same magazine that the tulip project came out of.  This one is dogwoods.  Again it will be a small project, only 4 squares. And this is the last one out of this magazine and I'll give it away. I'm sure others will enjoy all the nice projects in it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Farm - Garage, Garden and Fields

 I like how the garage turned out.  It holds the old car that I used to drive to school everyday.  It would flood on me all the time and I would get so frustrated.  It was a "54 Ford I believe.

 The cows are out chewing their cud.  The black and white look good, but the brown ones?  But they really are distant so maybe they don't have to be so noticeable.

 They hayfield.  The bales will have some threadwork and I know the tractor will be a challenge to make. I was driving that tractor when I was 10 years old and done at 12 because my younger brother took over.  But how I did like driving it.

 Now this garden is my problem area.  I think I'm coming from a bad perspective, so I'll probably do it again.  I'm not supposed to be really looking from overhead so much.  I'll have to keep looking at other pictures.  That corn is not right.

 This tree next to the house is a mulberry tree.  We had a swing hanging from it.  That's what that brown thing is sitting in midair.  I may couch yarn or some thick thread for the ropes.  In the summer we would get purple feet from the mulberries that dropped.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Charity quilt

This is a quilt I did for my guild that we are giving away. I did lots of different ideas on the sashing I've been pinning, trying them out. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Tulips

Saturday, everyone in my home were doing other things outside of the house, so I found I had lots of time to quilt.  I finished my little tulips, the top that is.  Now it's ready to quilt.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's Keep It All Small

Yesterday's work - on quilty things that is - 
 I had made all my paper piecing patterns using a threadless sewing machine.

 I sewed up all the stem and leaf blocks and one flower block.  These blocks are 2 1/2" square.
Pretty small.

I also made one cow.  I fused my white fabric, traced and drew with an ink pen.
Now maybe I'll try a Guernsey, since those are the cows we used to have.  If he looks good, I'll make Guensey's.  How about that, Bev?
 This cow is 1 1/2" across.  Also pretty small.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Tulip Project

I decided to get a new project from one of my many magazines or books that sit on my shelf.  I do so much from the computer these days, that I could almost forget that my books exist.  So I randomly pulled out a magazine and went through it to find a project.  I found this pattern that I had made a quilt of .  I don't have a pic, so I think I'll have to take one.

 I also found this

 and I made this crib quilt from that pattern.

 And lastly I found this

 And I don't have a pic of this either?  I'll have to go to work and take pictures.

Now I'm trying this.  It's paper piecing.  I'm not so good at that.

 I got one section done and it's a little rough.  And took a lot of ripping and quite a bit of time.
I'll see how today goes.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ornament quilt

I got my little ornament quilt done.  Eloise came over and saw it laying on the table unfinished.  She asked what it was.  I told her it was a baby doll quilt and she went to put it on her baby doll, but I said it needed to stay where it was til it was finished.

After I did finish it, I was at her house and showed her this picture.  "My quilt!!"  It did give her some joy to see it with her dollies.

I let the zig-zagging around the edges be my quilting going through all layers.  
I'm not sure if I would do that again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My house on the farm

On the farm that I grew up on, the house has gone through several different renovations. I was going to talk about all of them here but then I saw I already had a post on that and so you can go and hear the story of my home here.
I decided to do the home in the earliest stage when my parents bought the house. I don't know why exactly except maybe it has more of a vintage? look. I don't really remember it then, but I do remember building the new room to the house. The new room was to hold our ping-pong table. That's in the second picture in the old post. 
 Here's the whole scene.  See the little John Deere in the field?  I was driving that when I was 10 years old.  I had to quit when my brother became old enough to drive it.

 I'm taking this quilt just a bit at a time.  And I'm not fusing anything onto the background until I'm really sure about it.  That's why all the pins in it. At least now I have it hanging on the wall so I can study it all day long. And Eloise can enjoy the barn.  She likes barns.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Isabella's Sweater

After I made Eloise's, I had enough yarn of another color and and thought I'd give Eloise's friend a sweater to match (or almost) Eloise.


I think I did have one less skein because I wasn't able to do the pockets and only 2 flowers, so her flowers are arranged differently and I decided to go with brighter buttons.

My pics these days are with my I-phone as my camera quit on me, so it's a little harder to get good pics. But you can see the button.  Pretty cute.

 The girls were at school when I tried the sweater on Izzie, so I got a picture of Eloise with her.  What a look on her face.