Friday, March 11, 2011

A Forgotten Project

Last week I was cleaning out my sewing closet. It was a deep cleaning.  I went through every bin and basket and folder.  I gave fabric and yarn away to my quilt guild.  Plus an unfinished baby afghan that I thought I didn't want to take on.  Also if I keep fabric and yarn I don't like I feel a pressure to use it.  So I got rid of it and others did want most of it.   That makes me so happy.
I also found some projects I had started maybe 5-10 years ago, but had never gotten very far.  Today I'll share one with you.
I love Baltimore Album quilts.  I have never made one.  But I did start one.

I have several of Elly Sienkiewicz's books which is where I got my pattern.  I might have changed it some since that is what I usually do.
If I remember correctly I was planning on making a wall hanging and every square was going to be different baskets with flowers or fruit.
I wove the basket.  The fabric feels like a suede.  I think I used whatever fabrics I could find around the house.

I love how the leaves stand out.  Elly has lots of dimensional ideas in her books. The dark purple flower flaps out also.

And I did these flowers out of wire edged ribbon.  I do believe they're supposed to go on the square but my drawing shows one, not two.  I'll have to look through the books and see where I got the idea for this square. 

I do want to complete it and go from there, at least for a wall hanging.


  1. Hope you are able to complete this fun project! Thanks for visiting my post on the Washington State Capitol. When we visit again I'll have to check out Bella Jean Boutique!


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