Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't We Love Hats

Eloise has outgrown her hats.  For me that shows how much she's grown. She's now in the 3-6 month sized hats.  So I made her a hat.    She's going purple here. This is one of my signature hats.

I love making hats.  I can get one done in an evening and they are cute.  So I made a couple more for the shop.  They are displayed on cute hat stands that my daughters made along with a couple of crocheted hats that they have made.

I also have another pattern that I wanted to try.  I had made Eloise one as a preemie.  On this hat I used some Caron Simply Soft yarn that I had had for quite a while.  It was time to use it up and since it is so soft I thought it would be great for a hat.  But it split up a lot and was a little hard to knit with.  So the hat had a couple of flaws.  I covered one with a flower.  And the other is still there.  I couldn't sell that one so Eloise received it also.

And then I tried another of the same style.  This is my other signature style.  The color isn't traditional, but with the large flower it was really cute.  I decided not to give this one to Eloise.  My son said he would go sell it to her parents.  And he did.  He came back with some money and kept a sales commission. 

She can look so cute.  How babies can sleep in any position.

I made a second hat last evening just like this one.  My son says he's going to sell it also (not to Eloise).  We'll see how he does.

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