Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birds, Birds and Yet More Birds

These are small birds I made to fit this birdcage.  Notice their tails.  They look like fish.  I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong.

And I made these birds.  Their  tails were also rather fishy. And then I realized I had them turned the wrong direction and fixed them.  I decided the ones in the cage were high in the sky and didn't bother.  We can call them fish birds.  But these are now corrected and sit nicely on my mantel.

 The internet is so great.  I got the pattern here.

 And I couldn't stop there.  Eloise's swing had dull white doggies on it.  So blah for a baby.
So I crocheted these birdies.  You can go to ravelry to check out this free pattern.

 And now Eloise enjoys looking at her birds.

I had to put another pic.  She's so cute.  Look at the fluffy comfy swing she has.  My children didn't have it so nice.   It has music and a motor to keep it going.  And it's  quiet.

And now to refresh yourself.  Here's a clump of strawberries.  Dreaming of the real thing,  the sweet fresh taste of those Spooner strawberries.


  1. I rather like your fish birds. Though I like the others better. And Eloise gets cuter every day!

  2. Your birds are absolutely DARLING! I love them.

  3. Oh those strawberries are darling!


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