Monday, June 30, 2014

On My Design Wall

This is a quilt that I'm making to give for charity for my quilt guild.  Packets of fabrics were made up and we each took one home to make a quilt with.  This is the packet I picked out.

 I added the light color to it to make stash more complete.

I worked out these designs on EQ.  I'm not a real genius with the program, so I used 2 designs to get what I want.  My idea came from a pinterest pin.

 And this is my design wall--oops!  floor that is.

 I thought I'd give you a tour of my studio.  The above pic was my design wall. Below is my sewing and ironing station.  My cutting station is on my dining room table.

I also have a playmobil station.  The granddaughters can play while I sew.


 This is design central. 

 And it's also a library.  If I get tired of sewing I can always start reading.  The granddaughters really like me to read to them and we have lots of their kind of books here.  We have one whole section of  Golden Books.

 Thank you for stopping by to visit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Connor's Jacket and Hat

This is not Connor wearing this.  It is Clara.  Connor is a pretty newborn baby and has to grow into it. But I'm sure he will like it then.
Bare legs with a sweater?   I put this on Clara on a nice warm day.  She did not want the hat but it stays pretty securely on.

 This is a Debbie Bliss pattern.  When I started on this knitting spree a few years back, this pattern was the first thing I knitted.  I used the wrong weight yarn, but it worked out OK.   The original ravelry link for the first one.

 I made my own version of a cap using a couple of patterns and seed stitch to match the sweater more. I like these earflaps and may use them more.

 The ravelry link for this sweater is here.  This time I used the proper weight yarn and made sure my gauge was correct.  It worked very well.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Darlene's Quilt #1

I custom quilted this quilt for Darlene.

 She does the most excellent job of piecing that I have seen.  She starches all the fabrics first.

 I love the white with all those colors.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Progress on Melody's Pinwheel Quilt

 You can go here to see the pinwheels all put together.
Now I've added to the top.

You'll have to come back later to see the finished quilt.  It's now in my lineup to be quilted.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June Potholders

I made 5 sets of potholders this month.  I was only going to do 4, but when i came up with another inspiration looking at fabrics, it became 5.
 Dresden's are great for coming up with color combinations.  I like doing them.  And no binding on these.

And putting black and white with another color is always fun.

 I had to try something new. And it is owls.  Aren't they a favorite?

 Getting a little fruity here with apples.

 And then I found some Hawaiian fabric that was just enough for hot pads.  So let's go.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Celtic Table Topper

My quilt guild had a class on celtic applique.  We did a simple project which was very fun.  I turned mine into a table topper.

 We used this bias tape maker which made for a very even bias strip.

 It was a lot of short strips that you hide underneath one that comes over.  It has lots of over and unders.

 It was hand applique which for me is very relaxing.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Carol's T-Shirt Quilt

I will never make a T-Shirt quilt for myself, but I do enjoy them.  They are a very personal blanket for the person receiving it.
 This is one I quilted for Carol.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Customer Sweaters

I have been busy knitting every evening on several sweaters I've been making for a mother and daughter.  I did Katie's sweaters first.  Young girls sweaters are always easier.

 This is a Sirdar pattern that I knit with a cotton blend yarn.

 The Ravelry link is here.

 Adult sweaters are more difficult.  I've learned to take a sweater that fits them the way they like it and get my measurements from it.  It has always worked for me.

This is knit with a cotton/linen blend yarn.  It is knit from the top down with no seams. 

 The Ravelry link for this sweater is here.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Melody's Quilt Continuued

I have the pinwheels all put together.

Now I'm getting ready for what I'm going to add to it on top of the pinwheels.

 I also made a fleet of boats.  These were very easy.  I glued corks together and used skewers cut down for the mast.  I interfaced fabric for the sails.  My husband says the sails are too large.


We had fun in the creek and pond for a few minutes.

 But they did topple over easily and when the sails are wet, they won't sail.  And the hot glue isn't that great either for lasting.  Oh well.....   My husband said I should buy plastic boats.  But they just don't seem quite so nice.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vicki's Quilts

I quilted 2 crib size quilts for Vicki.  I did overall's on these quilts.  That means no stops and starts.  But I was able to make them look like a custom job.  They were very fun to do.