Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Couple of New Knits

I just keep knitting for the babies. 
This was a simple little sweater and hat that I made with worsted yarn I had laying around.

I decided to do the stripe pattern from another pic I saw.  It gave me ideas anyways.
I really like the pattern on the sleeves.

and for the hat.

This is a jumpsuit/romper? or what do you call it?  I love thiese things.  I only hope my grandchildren do.

 I did this color so that it could go for a girl or a boy, but in looking at the sweater I think it's a bit feminine, so it will go to a granddaughter.

Even the cuff of the pants are intricate with the cable.

Ravelry link  Ohh...Oh.
  I see  I didn't make a ravelry page for this one, but I put on the link of the other one I knitted that is the same pattern and the same yarn, except for color.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Baby Quilts Keep Coming

Here are 2 more simple quilts that I've put together.
This first one is done and ready to be quilted.  It's very simple and similar to Asher's.  They just go together so fast. 

Now this one is not done.  It's going to get some applique on it.
It is something that I'm copying from a picture.
It'll be fun to see when it's all done.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dan and Vic's Wedding Quilt

Victoria likes wholecloth quilts so that is what I'm making her.  
I drew the design on a piece of gray backing fabric as those fabrics are the only ones wide enough for a king sized quilt.  
Here you can see some of the drawing.  The polyester backing has also been stitched to the top with water soluble thread.  Those are all the threads that are laying loose on the top.  I don't need to cut threads when doing this work.

Now you can see the cut side.  That is the part of  the process I am doing right now.  It's a good project when watching a football game.  You do have to look up once in a while if you want to see the game.  Of course I did miss a touchdown.  Hmmm.  Maybe that's when I was texting.  I can't figure that one out.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dan and Victoria's Wedding

In July, I had a daughter get married.  
This was the first wedding of my children I participated in that wasn't a son of mine. 
It was almost easier than doing a son's wedding.


Victoria is a seamstress and gives sewing lessons to young girls.  Her students made dresses for the wedding and they were the first to walk down the aisle at the wedding.  All 26 of them.

The one thing I did for the wedding (and that was the only thing I did) was make the flower girl dresses for my granddaughters and other friends.  They were a design of my daughter's.

We were there to give glory to the Lord for the marvelous things He has done.

It was a great party.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paula's Quilt

 I like this one. 

She wanted me to do straight lines going across.  It turned out great.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Babies with Their Gifts

I've blogged about these knitted items already, but now the babies fit them and I am showing you my cute grandbabies wearing the item I made them.
This is an older picture of June.  The sweater and booties are newborn size.  She is probably outgrown them now.  Isn't she sweet.

Here's Asher in a romper I made him.  This pic is very recent.

And also the sweater that goes with it.  He is 4 months old.

And then the youongest is Natalie.
She is still pretty sleepified but is waking up more and more.

These can all be found in my Ravelry and past posts on this blog.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Some new Animals

I keep knitting and crocheting prizes.  It doesn't stop.  Little girls really like them.  It's amazing.

Here are 2 kittys. Do they look like cats?  My granddaughter knew what they were right away and was excited about them

And then we have this squirrel. 

He's only a couple of inches tall.  He's holding an acorn in his paws/

And then there is this cute little owl.

I think these animals will be enjoyed for a while.