Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tulips on Gingham

As you can see, my last post on this was in April when I started the project.  The applique is completed and has been completed for a little while and I have added the borders.

I decided I wanted curves instead of points on my quilt.

I like the look of it all with the colors.

 I do still have issues with the corners as they don't match.  I should have made sure of things when I got to that point, but I didn't center everything perfectly. Now I will have to do some adjustments on the corners.  Then it goes to the quilting machine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quilting or Upholstery?

Lately I've been working on an upholstery job.  It's redoing our patio dining chairs.  The old ones were getting pretty ripped.  Not to nice looking, are they?  Who would want guests to sit on these?

 So I bought some fabric and am redoing them.  I have a friend and a daughter that help me through the process. Half of them are totally done.  I just need to finish stuffing the cushions to have them all completed.  

I think I will stick to quilting.  Upholstery is not my bag. But it is nice to have good looking chairs to sit upon.

Monday, July 6, 2015

This Year's Wedding Quilt

Jordan and Bonnie did get married and are even back from their honeymoon.  Their quilt is still in the process though.  I figure it's a lifelong gift, so it doesn't really matter if it wasn't ready by their wedding. 
It is now on the frame getting quilted.  It is so much fun to quilt.  Here's a pic.

Or  two.  It's more of a tan than this color shows.  Not so yellow.  The blue is my washable pen which will be gone when I give it to them.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carol's Quilts

Carol brought me 3 small quilts.  She keeps me quite busy.

I did overalls on each of these quilts.  The top has leaves, the next one flowers.

And then came swirls with a little feather action.

Have a blessed day.  This is the day that the Lord has made.  Rejoice and be glad in it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Farm Girl Bonnets

Eloise came over a couple of days with this baby bonnet on.

 So I suggested to her that we could make a "Little House on the Prairie" bonnet.  She takes sewing lessons and was able to help with it.

 Then we made a second one for her sister. Juliet didn't want to wear it so Clara did.  I thought Clara would be the one to not want to keep it on, but she did.

 I found the pattern at this site.  It is a very easy tutorial to follow.  It probably took about a half hour to make the hat.

 I showed Eloise how she could wear it without being on her head.

 We added the red strip for contrast.

 Aren't they sweet?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jordan and Bonnie Get Married

Son #4 got married on June 6 to a lovely young lass named Bonnie Ann.  Here are a few photos.

 We had a big party after the ceremony.  There was the River City Boys and Girls Band
playing 76 Trombones.

There were some Scots singing the song," Bonnie Ann"

 And Bonnie sings the song, Mr. Snow  from the musical "Carousel"  Check out the lyrics here.
Jordan doesn't work with fish, but the song does seem to suit him.

At the end we have some men that do Hebrew dancing.  Here's the young couple up in the chairs.

I hope I gave you a small glimpse of our celebration.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Lamb and a Gecko

My newest crocheted toys.  They are always great prizes.
A girl in my daughter's school class received the lamb.

 He is crocheted with a lot of popcorn stitches.

 The pattern is modified from Spanish instructions.  If you already know how to crochet, it just takes a little work to translate.

 Eloise likes showing him.

And then I made this gecko.  He is quite large.

 I gave him to Clara for her 2nd birthday which was yesterday.

 Happy Birthday, Clara!!

Here is the Ravelry link for him.  You can get his pattern for free and in English.