Thursday, October 28, 2010

The New Preemie Hat Fashion Parade

Hat #1    Too Small!!!

Hat #2   Just right.
  Here she is really enjoying it.                                            
 Hat #3  Here we have a little bit more style.
Hat #4  And yet another style.

Hat #5  It's a simple one to keep warm.  Eloise has yet to try this one on.

Isn't Eloise a great model?  She did so well without even crying.  You can check out all these hats on Ravelry, my knitting site  for more details of the making.
Thank you for coming to our show.  Let me know which one you like the best.


  1. I definitely have to say that the purple Beret is my favorite hat and picture- I also like the scalloped hat.

    Thanks for showing these to us!

  2. They are all simply fabulous, but my favorite is the one she's wearing at the moment because she is gorgeous and makes them all look especially lovely.

  3. Eloise has been wearing the purple hat all day and a lot of people have been asking about it. You really should give us business cards to handout. (I did giive your web address to one mother of new twins.)

  4. Madelyn really likes hats 3 & 4 and wud love to get a matching or similar one to her friend Elouise. She is very excited about meeting her new friend!!!

  5. That purple looks beautiful on her! (Maybe that's proof that she'll be red head.)


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