Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Parade Eloise Style

Eloise is so wonderful to try on several outfits that I had made and let me take photos this morning.

She is now 4 months old and weighs in at just over 9 pounds. Remember she was 7 weeks early.

 It does still look a little big, but they are meants for babies from newborn to about 6 months(17#).

This one is made from a vintage fabric I picked up.  These daygowns are for the days when mom feels like being old-fashiones with her baby.  This is how all babies (boys and girls) dressed in the olden days.

She looks like she's dancing.

These will both be for sale on Etsy soon.

This sweater is one I completed fairly recently.  It's a loose knit using a soft, soft alpace silk yarn.  I wasn't really sure that I liked the sweater until I put it on Eloise.   Then I liked it much better. It could be a good pattern.

I think she's falling over here.  But she doesn't mind.

This last sweater is one that I made for Eloise.  It's a pretty sweet one.  I would change the way to  do the buttonholes and front bands on this one next time if  I were to do it again.

These sweaters can be seen on ravelry here and here.

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  1. The outfits are adorable but really, Eloise steals the show! So precious!


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