Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eloise with her Great Aunt and Uncle

My sister Bev and her husband Kevin stopped by our house on their way to San Fransisco from Wichita, Kansas. (We're on the way- Olympia, WA?)  I am very glad they came for a visit.

Kevin helped us with our remodeling project by doing some mudding.

Bev and I went to see Eloise.  She's laying on the quilt her Great Aunt gave to her when she was born.  I think she likes it.

Bev has only quilted in the last few years.  Growing up she did not like sewing.

Here Bev  is holding her Great Niece.

After working, her great uncle Kevin was holding her also.

What a blessing that Eloise has so many people that love her.


  1. How fun for the two sisters to be together! Both Eloise and her quilt are gorgeous!!

    Love you,


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