Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wheel of Mystery Quilt

Many, many moons ago I bought fabric.  Lots of batiks.  I had a plan to make a Drunkard's Path with it, having seen one I really liked that was kind of scrappy with batiks. 

Well, I didn't save the picture, so I just couldn't get it together properly.  Googleing I found the Wheel of Mystery Quilt and I really liked it with batiks.  I had the same scrappy look, but you could see the wheels in it.

So here I go.
I tried to make my own templates using EQ5, but the square they had just didn't make the circle and I tried and tried to adjust it, but couldn't get it right.
  So looking online I found John Flynn's templates and ordered them.  For as little as they cost, it was well worth it.  I just put my project away for a week until they came.

 I decided scrappy, so I cut 5 sets out of each fabric and mixed them up and but them in bags.  I have 144 of each template.

John gives very accurate and easy to follow instructions.  The quarter inch seam must be exact.  He sends a paper and fabric to make the proper seam.

 After looking at some more quilts online, I decided this quilt can't be totally scrappy.  There must be lights and darks.  The 2 pieces with the straight edge must be of the same value, with the large triangle being the opposite. 

The edges have a clip in them to match up when sewing and to press opposite each other  to make every thing work out fine.

The four sections of each square must have the same value.  Other squares can be opposite from this one.

 Sew down the curved seam keeping the center correct and a little trimming and you have a nice square.  I must make my 1/4" a little small because at the center where the small triangle peaks, I had to go over it again so it wouldn't show.  Now there's just 35 more squares to go.

You can still enter my give away for the table runner.  You have until Friday to enter.

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  1. I have always admired that pattern. I'm sitting on batiks, but they are so sombre looking. Am anxious to see this one unfold.


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