Monday, February 14, 2011

More Knitting

This is Annie, Eloise's cousin.  She is wearing a sweater I finished a little while ago.  It is another of my favorites, a Sirdar pattern.  I just keep going through the book.

 I used some old yarn in this one that I want to get rid of.  For some reason when I started knitting a bought a lot of this yarn.  It might be because you can't get very many colors in sport weight at Joann's or Michael's.  I don't shop there for yarn anymore.    I have learned a better way to get rid of yarn. Take it to my Quilt Guild.  There are women there that grab it up.

I do like how this sweater turned out though.  It could be worn by a boy or a girl.  I think the pattern is great.  Check it out on ravelry.

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