Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Improving My Sewing

I've been sewing lately. Garments that is, not quilts (except on my longarm).  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. At least that's what I'm going for.
So---from worst to best, here it is.

This is a pair of overalls with smocking.  I didn't have the proper overall pattern, so I took a pants pattern and added the bib and snaps.  We do need baby boy items in our shop and I also want to get good at smocking.

 Look how uneven I put the smocked piece into the bib. It even looks worse in this picture than in real life.  I posted on this bib when I started it here.  I won't give up though.

Another old-fashioned baby daygown from some fabric I found.   This one went smoother than the ones in the past, so I put it in the store.  

I like the small french seams that it has.  It's better next to baby than serged seams-much smoother.

And this apron was much easier than the first ones I did and a much neater job also.  I think I'm ready to tackle new styles and put them in the store.  Whenever we have aprons in there, we sell them but have a hard time keeping up on stock.  

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  1. The apron is my favorite. Great colors and flattering style. Anyone would like that.


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