Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wheel of Mystery Quilt Weekend Progress

This past weekend I worked quite a bit on this quilt (also known as Winding Ways).  I think in the last week I've seen many versions of it.
Saturday I chain pieced A and B to each other.  It looked like this. I put about 132 pieces  together.

I pressed them and got neat stacks separating them according to contrast.  It all turned out just about even.

Sunday before the Superbowl, I did the same thing again adding C. 
I put this quilt away for a couple of days (I had other things to do).
This morning I was pressing them.  They are now 1/4 of each square.
You can see the clip where I press one direction and then the other.  This is a sitting job for me.

 Here are the stacks separated by contrast.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

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