Friday, February 25, 2011

The Blessing of Interruptions

After my morning cleaning was done, I got out my sewing machine thinking how nice it was that I had a whole day with nothing else to do but sew.  Ahhhhh sewing!
Later in the morning my daughter-in-law came over with Eloise.  Her aunties also came and brought this cute little coat and pants that they had whipped up that morning for Eloise.  Her snow coat.  So she could go out in the snow.  We took her out for pics in this little outfit.

 Soon there was a whole troop of children in my back yard.  No school today because there was a nice pile of snow.  So much fun!  These little girls soon came in (I think they'd been in the snow all morning at their house) and we gave them some hot chocolate to warm them up.

 The others continued to build forts and get their snowballs ready for a snowball fight.  I think they're about ready here.

Afterwards, they sat on the front porch and had raspberry snow cones, made with snow fresh  in the yard.

We tried the snow out for Eloise, but I'm not sure that she liked it.  I think we'll have to wait til she is older.

And there sits my sewing machine on a window seat just shoved aside.  No more sewing that day, but it was well worth it to have this interruption.  This was much more fun than just sitting and sewing by myself all day.

Today is another good sewing day.  I wonder what interruptions I could have today.


  1. Since this is my first visit to your blog I would prefer you not enter my name in your generous drawing. I just wanted to stop by and say what a sweet quilt that is.

  2. Sweet sweet pictures, Elaine! Yes, those kinds of interruption is worth not sewing. :)


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