Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You are Invited to Enter My 1st Give-away!

I've never done one before and am learning.  It's pretty exciting. I'd love to hear from you.

My mother-in-law, who is in her 80's, takes  tour groups to France most every year.  She is starting to slow down a bit though.   The first years she brought me back beautiful tablecloths for my table, but then my table grew to 10' long, as my family grew.  I then asked her to get me fabric that I could use for tablecloths or make into runners or placemats.  Runners are my favorite right now.

I am going to give away this table runner that I have made from some of the fabric that she got for me from the Provence region of France.

This runner is 3' long x 18" wide.
  Provence is known for its beautiful sunflowers and lavender which is what is portrayed on this runner.
The back is not a French fabric, but totally American.

You can have up to 3 entries.

1st entry   -   Leave a comment.  I love comments.  If you've noticed I've been drooling over my new granddaughter.  She's so wonderful.  Maybe you could comment on something (I know there are many things) that has made your parenting or grandparenting special.  Maybe something you enjoy doing with the children, etc.
2nd entry   -    Become a follower of mine.  Let me know that you have done that also.

3rd entry  -  Post about this give away on your blog with a link to this post. (Let me know this also)

I will announce the winner at the end of the week.  If your profile doesn't have your e-mail address, you'll have to give it to me, so I know how to contact you if you win.

Lastly, a pic of me with Eloise.


  1. I have ten grandbabies now! The oldest just turned 7 last week, so they are all very young and I'm basically still adjusting to being a grandmother myself. The majority of the kids live away so I write notes and we are suppose to set up a SKYPE type thing to see and talk to each other soon. The two nearby, get hugs, and book reading and songs regularly! I love it!
    PS That is a lovely runner; so stunning in blue/yellow!

  2. I just became a follower after reading your little bio above...we are similar in that I have 6 kids ages 19-31; three married...and we are on opposite ends of the country...I'm in northern Maine on the Canadian border...

  3. How cheerful and bright that Provencal fabric is! What a nice give away.

    :) Linda

  4. That lovely runner may be the closest I get to France! Actually I can think of a couple friends who would like it also. Two that love yellow and another who loves lavendar. Could be difficult!

  5. What a beautiful runner and an even more beautiful grandbaby. We have five..all grown now and five great-grands. They are what makes life worthwhile.

  6. Forgot to say..I don't do the following thing, but you are on my blogroll on my sidebar.

  7. As a new parent, I have learned that babies really like to see their grandmas! :-)

  8. Such a beautiful tablerunner! The only comment I have about babies, is hug them, hold them, love them because they grow up WAY too fast.

  9. Elaine, my mom told me last week that she wanted to do a giveaway. So we are having one this week too. :) I wrote it up last night and scheduled it for Wednesday. It will be lots of fun. Hope your giveaway goes well.

    BTW - I really like seeing pictures of you and Eloise. It is so special.


  10. Mom,
    I recognize this great table runner. The fabrics from France are somthin' else. The Baby you are holding is Definitely Something ELoiSE:) I think she's the nicest little child I've ever seen!

    Your son, Jordan

  11. Elaine,

    Thanks for the great giveaway! :) Eloise is a sweet baby.

  12. I am a newish grandmother. I don't live near by special grandson but am moving there soon. I want to read to him and be there to support him in any way I can.

  13. Hi Elaine,
    Grandchildren are such a blessing. One thing that I have noticed being a grandma is that you actually take time, slow down and are much more patient in doing things with them. I enjoy every moment and wish that I had been that slowed down with my own children. I always encourage young mothers to enjoy the simple things they do with or for their children, don't be in such a hurry they grow up fast enough.

  14. Very cute runner. The bright colors go well with the few days of sunshine we just had. Maybe spring really is around the corner! (Is there a typing sign for crossing your fingers?)
    I hope I'm not too late to be in the drawing...
    p.s. your shop addition is looking nice too.
    Grace K

  15. That fabric is so gorgeous and the runner showcases it so well! A gal friend of mine, originally from Belgium, picked up that fabric a while back while visiting relatives there....a coincidence!!! Thought it was so wonderful when she shared it at our quilt gathering! Would love to have that runner to place in my blue/white/yellow kitchen! Doreen


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