Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Old Fashioned Baby Daygown with a Modern Twist

I love baby daygowns.  They can go on your brand new baby and they can wear the same one til they are about 6 months old.  A brand new baby is so scrunched, these gowns make it easy to change them without undoing all the snaps.  They come down over the feet of the baby to keep them warm.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not against those soft warm knitted sleepers babies wear, but these are nice now and then for an old-fashioned change.
This pattern is from The Old-Fashioned Baby.com .

Back in former days, babies wore these all the time.  They were probably used until those nice, soft knits and terries came out.  I know they were used in the 20's. 
Now where you mostly see them is in the southern states of the deep south.  They seemed to have kept somewhat to the tradition.  They are also the mothers that like smocked dresses also.

Here is a photo of my tiny little french seam that really does look good.  I am improving. There is a tutorial on this blog.   Plus much more inspiration

I was going to smock the neck edge.  I'm learning to smock on a curve.  It does take a little learning.  I ran the top through the pleater twice. But then my smocking looked so bad I took it out and decided on shirring instead.  So I first made this bias edge which also worked very nicely.  It is a very narrow trim.  And then I shirred.  It adds a nice gathering touch.

 But the gown needed more.  I figured embroidery wouldn't show up well, so I decided to do an applique daisy, fused machine applique.  That is the modern touch to this old fashioned baby daygown.

My granddaugher's still in Hawaii, so I can't try it on her for a photo shoot.  I think she's having fun though.

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  1. The gown looks very sweet. We will be home soon so Eloise can help you out. :-)


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