Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two New projects

I saw this pattern at . It looked so cute I just had to try it. It did take me a while because I had some problems with the V seams. I need to get those down. I do think he did turn out pretty cute though. Next time I'll try a softer pink. I'm getting the urge to try other animals also. I've seen some others online that I like also.I got an old (2002) magazine a couple of weeks ago that I liked the wall hanging on the cover. Now I'm starting it. I don't have many pins left (I've lost my straight pins and my safety pins are all in my Haw. Pineapple.) so I just scotched tape these down. I am supposed to have painters tape by my longarm, but maybe one of my sons borrowed it? Anyways, it's not there.
The flowers on this will be white lilies. It's also something I can work on on vacation.

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  1. Cute little lamb.

    You commented on my Asian Salsa quilt from my blog (Pointless Quilter) and I can't for the life of me figure out how to email back a response. (If you know how, let me know.) Anyway, it is all pieced by machine. Don Linn was a speaker at our guild 2 months ago and this was the class he taught. I wish he had a website but he doesn't. He will be having a new book coming out soon.


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