Friday, July 10, 2009

A Day in Limbo

We are leaving tonight (after the children come home from the Mariner game) for a long drive.
I'm packed except for the cooler, and then I was wondering what to do. I started a scottie dog that I bought a pattern for. And when I didn't have any pipe cleaners for the ears, I put that project aside and was looking through old magazines I had. I found this Swiss magazine from almost 35 years ago, when I lived there. I love knitted doilies. They are hard to find. So I decided to see if I could still follow German instructions.

Could you do this? I seem to still be able to translate them. Now I find myself thinking in German while I knit.
My project bag ready for the trip. Do you think I have enough to do? It took a big bag. But we have room to take it.

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