Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have these beautiful Hawaiian fabrics that I'd like to use in a quilt. I've thought of large strips of squares laid like this with sashing (maybe that blue in between) or squares going diagonal (like 1/4 of a trip around the world) but there might be so many more ideas out there that I'm not thinking of. If someone gives me an idea that I use, I will send you a prize. I can even order more fabric if necessary. I like busy quilts as long as they have something to tone them down a bit.


  1. I think your idea would be great - the patterns in the material are so large that to cut them up any smaller would be a waste. Keep it simple and show off the fabric.

  2. There's a Maple Island Quilts pattern called BQ (for Big Quilt). It is perfect for featuring special bigger prints like this! Sorry I don't have a link, but it would be easy to search for. Gorgeous fabrics!


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