Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 6 and I won

I won 2 ways today! My children treated me to a lovely massage at Red Mountain Resort and Spa. This is the view as I relaxed after the treatment, which was very relaxing, soothing-just wonderful.And I won this very cute bag that I will always be able to use for projects I take with me or such like. I won it from Suzanne. Now onto the ping-pong tournament. I used to beat my husband and my children. But not so any more. They've gotten pretty good.

By the way, I was asked what I bought when I went shopping. I bought fabric for a wall hanging I am planning to make with oak leaves. I still need to get more, so I'll show them when I have them collected.


  1. You mentioned that you sent me an email, but I haven't received one. Here's the address you can use:

    Thanks, Suzanne

  2. Ohh.. what a treat. Nice children you have. Enjoy your last day of vacation!


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