Friday, July 3, 2009

Pink Hawaii

Today is another lovely hot day. This week has been summer. I hope it stays that way. The girls sew outside and I sewed the binding on this quilt today on my porch. I love being outside.
This quilt is a few months old, so I'm happy to finish it. It'll be nice for some baby.

A closer look at it and my quilting.
I made an excel chart of all my projects and the point I'm at with each one. I hope it helps me to know what I am doing. I need to make a chart of all my ideas also. I tried to post the chart but I don't know how to put an excel file on. Maybe someone else does. It could be helpful and I could use more help to make it better.


  1. I also love Hawaiian quilts. Yours are very cheerful.

    Blogger primarily allows uploading of images (not spreadsheets). There are loads of options, but too lengthy for this comment. You can email me and I can try to walk you thru it. But try to create an image of what you see on your screen, when you are looking at your spreadsheet (e.g. copy/paste to paint or use other SW packages). Just remember to ensure the size on your screen would be legible for a photo.

    Good luck!

    SewCalGal (@)

  2. Beautiful quilt! But a lovely hot day?-in Kansas we look for lovely cool days. Today isn't too bad for the 4th. I saw your pay it forward gift and it was very cute!! I have a couple new things posted on facebook. One is my new purse but I don't like it as much as I thought I would. I need to figure out what kind of closure I want to put on it and then it will be done and I will use it. It coordinates with my tote bag so I think I will use it on vacation this September. No July vacation for us:(

  3. I love that quilt - it looks like you do wonderful work - thanks for stopping by my blog.


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