Thursday, July 2, 2009

I try to do something every day!

I try to post everyday even if I haven't done much. Today is one of those days. I got fillings replaced at the dentist, then I went with my daughter to Joann Fabrics. I got several things to fill in for projects that I'm lining up, some I have shown on here. Those should all keep me busy for a while.
So today I put the last tassels on a sashiko pin cushion that I did with my guild about 3 months ago. I put off finishing it because I wanted to get cotton stuffing but only one place carries it and I don't go there often. So I finally filled it with polyester stuffing and just now completed it. It's interesting how some of the simplest things can take a very long time to finish up. But it always feels good to get something else finished. Now I don't need a new pincushion so I guess I'll just have it around til I think of something to do with it.

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