Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 yesterday, my daughters and I had our own St. George Quilt shop hop. This town has several quilt shops which was quite lucious. The first was Let's Quilt which is a longarm shop with a brand I had never heard of. It is new on the market. The interesting idea it had is that it was able to couch. You can run a yarn or thick thread through it's own threader and the machine couches it. I bought some thread that I don't normally use to try on my machine. The other shops were also great, each one having its own personality and everyone really friendly. This town sells minkies. All kinds. They aren't so available in Olympia.

This morning we left our nice beds and drove to the north rim of the grand canyon to watch the sun rise. It was beautiful but I don't like these nights that are full of driving. I do like my sleep.

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  1. What a beautiful sunrise photo. Hope you get sleep soon.


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