Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bella Jean Boutique

We are starting to make plans to move Bella Jean Boutique off the porch and into our new rooms in our shop. The girls bought these planters and flowers for a start. The rooms are framed. We just need to insulate, drywall, and paint. And also buy things to make it nice. But this is a start.These are 100 degree days for us, which don't come often. It's not like vacation, when you can jump into the pool. The girls still sew outside. See the sprinkler for running through to keep cool. At least we do have airconditioning when most of our friends don't. This only happens one week out of every year.

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  1. You're having the heat and I feel like I am back in Ohio because it is so lovely here. Strange-certainly not a normal Kansas July. I love the idea of using your shop. You could have a real store!


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