Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Visit to the Village of Dumpling

Leaving Mrs. Mopitup to clean, Lady Letitia took a walk into the village.  She stopped to see her friend Winifred at the Wool Shop (one of my favorite stops).

 Her pattern book. It has other pics of Jean Greenhowe's items.

A bag of yarn (I need to knit another sweater)

 And a whole basket of yarn.  It looks like Rascal got into it.

Lady Letitia also went to see her friend, Daphne Dabble, the local artist.

Isn't she a great painter?

 She mixes her colors well.

Now don't get the idea that these take a lot of skill and time.  I can get one doll and her items done in 2 evenings. They also take very basic skills in knitting, but they sure do turn out cute.  Tomorrow we'll go have some pastries.

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  1. How cute are these? I love them! PatS (who used to knit a lot, but Florida really doesn't make me want to)

  2. Those are adorable! Whatever happened to sweet little toys such as these?

  3. This has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen...I love it great work enjoy.

  4. Oh you little knitted people are so sweet. I love how you made a story for then

  5. The story you write just adds to my pleasure at seeing your knitting.

  6. They are very sweet, however, just because you can finish a set in two evenings does not make it seem easy to me! :-)

  7. This is darling!!! I love it! What great hands you have to do this, 2 evenings??? I wish! It would take me 2 weeks!

    Can't wait to see the pastries...


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