Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Tablecloth

My  twin daughters had their 21st birthday on Saturday.  My oldest daughter was doing a little decorating for it and needed a cream tablecloth. I didn't have any, so I thought.  Then I remembered this one.

It was one I had crocheted for my mom back in the 70's.

 It was probably done from instructions written in German and may have  been knitted in Switzerland or Germany when I lived there.

Isn't this a nice job of decorating?

I gave it to my mom and after she had passed away I received it back. It is rectangular and much smaller than my table, so I had never used it.

 But Naomi did a quick pressing on it and made it work nicely.  How many hours this must have taken to make.  And  something I made is now a vintage item.  Maybe I'm vintage.

Happy Birthday Girls.

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  1. Happy birthday to both of your girls. I have a hand crocheted tablecloth and a handknitted bedspread - both made by my grandmother between 1976 and 1983. I cherish them both.

  2. Oh, your girls are adorable. I love the hand croceheted table cloth. Gorgeous.


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