Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I discovered a new site - the DIY Dish.   These are girls that teach a lot of fabric crafts - one new one each week during their season.  And they start out every season with a pincushion.  So I've tried a couple of them.  This owl is Season 2's pincushion.  I even put pins in him.

 He has cute knobby knees.

 And big felt eyes.

He's also great as a decor item or maybe even a toy.  Who says he has to be a pincushion and get stuck all the time?

I also made a couple of pin cushion mannequins.  These were a little more difficult to get together.  The sewing was easy.  Finding cheap candlesticks was difficult.  I did fine some at the local thrift store.  They'd decorate any sewing room just fine.

They even wear a nice flower.  I'm not sure I could use these as pincushions.

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  1. Those mannequins look great in the shop, but I wouldn't want to use them as pincushions either!

  2. They are both gorgeous! Thanks for the link to a new site!

    BTW, I will post about Older Grandson on Wednesday.


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