Monday, November 7, 2011

A Visit to Dumpling Manor

I have met some new friends.  They are Jean Greenhowe's characters that I am enjoying very much.  My whole family is even enjoying them.
Meet Lady Letitia of Dumpling Manor and her little dog, Rascal.  She is called Lady Tish by her friends.

 I think she is a red hat lady.  Look at the flowers she has on her hat.

 And even a little red handbag.

 Her dog Rascal.  He likes to get into trouble.

She is getting ready to go on a walk to see her friends.

Lady  Tish keeps a housekeeper, Mrs. Mopitup.

She even wears curlers in her hair.  Doesn't she look English?

She has her broom

and her mop bucket ready to go to work.

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  1. Very cute! A few years ago my mum made Santa and Mrs Claus from a Jean Greenhowe pattern.

  2. They make me homesick for England, Marilyn s


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