Thursday, August 25, 2011

What A Hot Day for a Sweater

That's what Eric thought, when his mom and I wanted him to put on this sweater for pictures.But with the promise of a popsicle if we could get good pictures, he did okay at times.  Here you can see, he's considering it.  After all, we've just started having weather in the 80's.  It's taken a while.

 He seems to have enjoyed checking out the horse.  It's the one I found on vacation that we had to talk the man down on quite a bit.  As we were heading out of town, we stopped and were leaving because he wouldn't go down to our price, but he had last minute thoughts and changed his mind.  So we carted it home with the chair (in yesterday's post) and other furniture in our car. Oh, how the kids had to suffer from lack of moving room in the car.

 The sweater is a Sirdar pattern, you know one of my favorite pattern companies.  I knit it with a soft cotton blend yarn. It felt pretty heavy.  Maybe because it is hot out.  I love doing cable patterns.  They add so much interest to the knitting.

 This sweater has buttons on one shoulder to make it easy to go on and off.  That's always important with young boys.
Eric did get his popsicle.  As soon as we were done, we got the sweater off quickly so he could have that popsickle and go check out the fish in the pond.

You can check out details on Ravelry.

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