Monday, August 15, 2011

Eyelet V-Neck Cardigan

This is a sweater I started as soon as we got to our vacation resort.  Our room wasn't ready for us (we were early) and so I sat by the pool in the nice warm weather, which I  truly enjoyed and started this sweater.  I always keep some project handy to work on if I have some time.  I finished it the day before we came home except for the buttons which I put  quickly on when I knew Karen was coming to my house and would be able to model it.

 I used an acrylic yarn that is a DK weight.  The gauge for the sweater is more for a sport weight yarn, so the sweater knitted up tight and thick.  I do like the eyelet pattern.

This pattern is an old one I bought in the 80's, a Peter Pan pattern.  They are very sweet ones that I've enjoyed knitting.  In the picture below you can see some eyelet also done on the sleeves.

The ravelry link is here.

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  1. Lovely; a gorgeous colour and a pretty pattern!


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