Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation Time

Since summer wasn't really coming to us, we went to it.  We are in Windsor, California enjoying the warmth and flowers.
Today my daughters and I went exploring the neighboring towns.  This one is Windsor.

 We went to an antique store.  That is one thing we enjoy doing.

I would have loved to buy this for Eloise, but he would have had to come down a couple of hundred dollars for me to spend money on it.  You actually steer with the reins and the legs move also.

 A Street in Healdsburg.  Actually I'm standing right in front of the Quilt shop in town.

At Bella Boutique, trying on hats.  Doesn't Veronica look good in this one?

 How about Victoria.  Maybe they could have worn these to the Royal Wedding.

At the Mercantile.  It was really a candy shop.

I also bought a prize for my front  porch for Eloise to use (and any other future grandchildren and friends)
I didn't take a picture, so I'll show that one later.


  1. What a relief that the girls weren't invited to the royal wedding if they would have worn those hats!
    If you want some real summer come to Kansas, where we are going to have a cool spell tomorrow topping out at 98.

  2. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. I can understand why you'd want to buy that horse for Eloise - it looks like fun.


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