Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still Working - Ode to the Thirties

Since I have 2 large quilts I'm working on, I decided to spend my extra time one week on one of the quilts and then the next week do the other.  Just keep alternating like that.  Last week I worked on my Ode to the  Thirties quilt and got quite a few squares done.
I missed the August meeting in my guild, due to vacation, so I did that square on my own.  It's a 12" square and was pretty easy to construct.

 This was also an easy one with the larger half square triangle and the 4 patches.  The rest of these are all 9" squares.

This one was more difficult.  I did all my cutting for all these squares first.  I just zipped along according to the directions on the packet.  I tend to like making my flying geese the Eleanor Burns method, but I cut without looking at the square, so I pieced these flying geese like half square triangles,  It wasn't so easy to get them right.  I'm starting to look at my square before I cut to see if I want to do something different.

 I love applique and this flower basket was very fun to do.

 I enjoy the yellow look of this square, so bright and cheery.

This one I would normally have paper pieced, but I ended up just sewing the half squares together.  It worked out great with less fuss.

These squares are linked to WOW with Esther and Freshly Pieced.


  1. I like it! very pretty, hope to see the finish product.

  2. Your 30's look terrific. I have many saved up to make a pinwheel design. Chrisb

  3. Love your Ode to the 30's blocks. Can you please tell me the pattern source for the top photo, the block with the four baskets. I've been looking for the pattern for some time. Thanks.

    1. The whole quilt is a pattern called Ode to the Thirties by Lori Smith. All of the blocks are in it.


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