Monday, August 1, 2011

Turtle Quilt

My daughters are doing excellent jobs of posting about our vacation, at least the part of where we are going.  You can check it out here and here.

Now what I have also been doing is appliqueing a turtle quilt.  The mornings are cool and cloudy so we tend to hang out in our room for a while talking and eating.  This is when I work on my quilt.  My friend bought this pattern for me on a trip to Hawaii, I bought the fabric at Fabric Depot, and prepared it at home for this trip.

 I  prepared a freezer paper copy of the top that I ironed to the dark fabric, seams and all.
I numbered well all the little turtle pieces.

I even made a second copy of the turtle pieces, because I wasn't really sure how I was doing it.

Now I'm in the process of applique and loving it.

Thanks to modern electronics, we have also been having Facetime with Eloise.  She loves seeing us on her parent's IPad and will crawl across the room to grab at it.  We love it also.

On a sadder note, we have lost all our chickens to a raccoon, who must be smart to wait until we're on vacation.  He must have figured out how to get our coop open and has been letting the chickens out.  I guess it's time for new ones.  I think my greatest joy with chickens is how little children that come over enjoy them so much.  That is why I'd have chickens.
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  1. awww. Sorry about your chickens. :( I have that turtle pattern! Won't get to it until next year, though, so it's real good to see one actually getting made. :D

  2. I think that turtle applique will look fabulous.

    Sorry to hear about your chickens.

    What a fabulous way to stay in touch with Eloise (and the rest of the family, of course)!

  3. The turtle pattern looks interesting. Imagine if you didn't number everything - it would be like a jigsaw trying to work out where each piece went.

  4. Great Turtles Cute Baby too. enjoy your holiday.

  5. Love the turtles, my DS & DIL are turtle fanatics. Have a fantastic vacation.

  6. Sorry to hear about your chickens, great turtle quilt you're working on!

  7. The turtles are going to be so great. :)
    :( Sorry about the chickens.

  8. Love the turtle quilt. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I still have not tried any applique on a quilt, though I have done a few things on bags.Sorry about your chickens!


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