Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doily #7

Naomi's stash of doilies keeps growing.  I do most of my patterns out of the same book.  It is one a friend gave to me several years ago with doilies, afghans and bedspreads.  I've used it a lot.  This is #7 for Naomi entitled Lily Pond.

Now this one had ends to tuck in.  I made them long enough to use a needle to sew them in.

I took the photo on my daughter's vanity.  I just had to turn myself around and I got this picture.

We do own a dryer but we don't own a clothesline.  I guess this is the substitute. You do know I have twins.  That's why there are doubles of a lot of the tops.

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  1. Lovely doily. I love to crochet too, especially doilies.


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