Friday, December 3, 2010

Madelyn's New Outfit

Madelyn got everything. Dress, sweater, hat, booties and a quilt.  What a special girl.  She is Eloise's friend.
Doesn't she have a nice smile?

 This outfit is knitted from a soft, soft cotton yarn with embroidery added to it.  The pattern is one from Pinguoin that I've had for about 26 years.   The sweater wasn't in the pattern so I made one to match, using other patterns as a guide.

 Aren't those booties cute?

And her lovely bonnet

 I made this same dress for Madelyn's mother, Molly when she was a baby, so Maddy's grandmother wanted the dress and everything that goes with it for her.

This is the quilt I made for Madelyn with her name and birthdate on it. I have shown it on this past post.

 The center square

And here is Madelyn sitting up on it.  She can't really sit up.  She fell over a few times.  We have to help her sit.  Doesn't she look happy?  She loves looking at her mom.


  1. Very sweet! It is a testimony of the goodness of the Lord that we are so bonded to one another across the generations. You knew Madelyn's grandparents before her mother was even born! Wow!

  2. That sure is a sweetheart with a sweet little outfit. Nice job Elaine!


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