Sunday, December 26, 2010

Madelyn's New Coat

This coat is one of the cutest patterns I've ever done.  It's another Debbie Bliss, which I really like. Madelyn is going to be warm this winter in it.

It's made from the soft cotton yarn that I really like.  It feels so pliable and is such easy care.  I like the ribbing on the top part of the sweater.

I also made Madelyn a hat using a Hadley Fierlinger pattern adding the flower and the scallop on the edge.  Doesn't she look comfy?

It doesn't seem to take long for babies to go to sleep.

 She just turned 3 months and this is the 3-6 month size pattern, so you see she has some growing room.  It should last all winter.  She just won't need it the 2 weeks she's going to spend with Eloise on Maui.
  But it will be cold when she comes home.

The coat and cap can both be checked out on Ravelry.

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