Friday, December 31, 2010

Three Little Maids

All wearing little white caps (that I knitted).

Madelyn, Isabella, Eloise
 We couldn't keep them all happy here.  This is the second time that I tried to get them in these caps.  You just can't control babies.

Eloise, Madelyn, Isabella
There is now a fourth little maid, Norah.  She was just born, so I don't have a hat for her, but she is bigger than Eloise.

Madelyn, with her older sister and helper, Emma.



  1. All of these sweet little girls are so blessed! Eloise & I look forward to meeting the girls' newest friend, Norah.

  2. We are very thankful for you Elaine, I love how the hat frames their faces

  3. Norah is very much looking forward to meeting all her friends!


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