Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Where Are the New Baby Boys?

All that's been born around here are girls.  And they are cute girls also.  But when I knit something for a boy, that leaves me without a model.  So I used Eloise.  She was soundly sleeping and I disturbed her to dress her in boys clothes just for a few minutes.

 I'm not posting the one of her crying, but here's a good yawn.

 The sweater is a Sirdar pattern. They makes such nice patterns I just want to do them all.  In fact, that is what I am doing.  With the books that I have, at least.  I love the texture in this. This is a newborn size but all their sweater go from newborn to size 7, so that's a nice range.

She's ready to go back to sleep now.  This sweater is a soft wool that is machine washable.  Those yarns are nice to have.  Warm and easy care.

 Here's the hat.  I used a Hadley Fierlinger pattern for it and changed it so that it would have the textured pattern of the sweater.

Now for some more shots of Eloise.  She did go back soundly to sleep and looks so sweet with that cheetah in her arms.


  1. I love that sweater and hat! Eloise looks very nice in blue.

  2. Absolutely adorable pictures! What a beautiful granddaughter you have. And of course, your work always amazes me. Bless you, Crystal

  3. The sweater is lovely and I really like that color of blue. Your grandbaby sure is sweet!

  4. I know - it's the year of the girls!
    Eloise looks lovely in blue though!

  5. In my completely unbiased mother-of-the-baby opinion... Eloise makes anything look nice! I'm glad she cooperated so well for the photo shoot. (It's not always that way.)


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