Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Recent Knitting Projects

This is a sweater I finished a couple of weeks ago.  I put it in our store  and about 3 hours later a lady ordered one a size larger with yellow ducks.  (You'll get to see that one another day)  I had thought it was so cute that someone would want it.

This sweater is knit from a super soft cotton, Comfy Sport from KnitPicks.  I love the way it feels.
I finished the collar in white because I ran out of blue.  That came pretty close.  I'm glad I had a way out.

This sweater is from a Debbie Bliss book New Baby Knits.
Do you like the duck. I quess his scarf got in his face.

This is a sweater I just finished for a customer.  I made it a size larger that the pattern called for but it worked out just fine.  It is a pretty sweet one.  This is from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies.

You can see the eyelet pattern in this.  It's nice to do a pattern.  It keeps it from gettin monotonus.

Now I'm working on a dress using size 1 needles and stockinette stitch.  I knitted 1 1/2" last night and I have to go to 11 1/2 ".  How many nights will that take me?  I have done the back, so I did make it through one piece.  There is hope.  It will be very cute when it's done.  There is a story to this one.

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