Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our New Addition

October 1 of last  year, we opened up our new shop of Bella Jean Boutique.  It has been a very exciting time and we've seen a lot happen and also seen more of what our direction is.  Most of our sales come from the custom seamstress work which my daughters do and the longarm quilting which I do.  My daughter's also have taken up since we started, giving sewing classes to about 30 young girls.  Therefore, we need more space.
Here is our plan.

You can see the new work table and a real ironing board (ours now is a small one that sits on our work table).  There is also going to be a dressing room under the stairs, which is sorely needed.  Around the walls will be storage shelves.
This wall behind the girls is the one we are going to break open.

Here's our new area now.  I'm using money that I've made from doing quilting for others.  It's nice to be able to pay for it with money I've made and not borrowed from my husband (although I still owe him a little from my longarm which he helped me to fund).

 This is our current plan for our new dressing room - under the stairs.  It's large enough to use for storage also.

This is my contracter, Isaac.  He is getting help from his older brother, the real contractor.  Isaac wants to eat, so days that he doesn't have a money job to help with the household, he can work for me.  Then he's allowed to open the refrigerator.

On another note, guess who's getting excited about going to Hawaii?  Eloise can't wait, so she's trying on some of her new clothes and thinking of sand and sun.  She's never known warm weather.  But in a couple of weeks she'll see what it's like.  But I will miss her.

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  1. Isaac does look a little too skinny. Keep feeding that boy!


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