Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some of the Woes of Being a Seamstress

I decided I'm giving up on sewing baby clothes.  They are too demanding.  At least some patterns are.

I made this cute little outfit.  We do need baby boy clothing in our shop and there are really some cute patterns out there.  My girls haven't had time and I decided to give it a try. I made those overalls with the smocking and gave myself a low grade on that one.
This outfit is cute and I'd give myself a much better grade on it, but it was time consuming. And the problems with lots of little seams. 
These pockets and sleeves have little tucks that took me a while to work out.  I redid the sleeves about three times to get the raw edge tucked under correctly.  I kept missing.

And the last thing I did was put the snaps on the legs.  I decided not to use snap tape because it only came in white.  So I did my own snaps and they went on quite easily, better than I thought they would.  Only I have the legs overlapping the wrong direction.  They should snap towards the back not the front.

At least they look neat. 
I think I will hire my girls to make outfits for the shop.  Then it can go on their list as if I'm another customer.  I just have to give them two weeks (normal turn-around time).

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  1. Hi, these look very cute but you made me laugh. Yesterday I had three bath robes to personalise for a customer, two were fine, but the third slipped in the hoop (horrible fabric, different to the others). Once it had gone once, it carried on going wrong untill i finally got a reasonable result about four attempts later. The customer was happy, but once things start o go wrong, they just carry on!


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