Sunday, October 3, 2010

Too Many Pots in the Fire?

I'm starting to smock.  I was hoping my daughters would do the smocking, because we like having smocked clothing to sell, but they don't have time.  Seamstress work and Halloween dresses are keeping them quite busy.
So I thought I'd give it a go.  As if I need something else to fill my time.  And will I give it enough time to become an expert at it?  Will it take from something else I'm doing?  I guess I'll find out.

Day 1-I decided what I wanted to start with and cut a piece of fabric 3 times the width I wanted.

Day 2-My girls helped me get the piece pleated with our pleater.

Day 3-I got my floss together.  I was out of black.  I was down at my local quilting store, Bayside, buying fabric and asked Barb H. (whom I've been enjoying over the last couple of years) how much their floss was. She said $.75.  I said it was too much.  She inquired "You want to spend all that time to go clear to Joann's and save $.30?  She got me on that one. So I spent $.75 and saved a lot of time.

Day 4-Yesterday.  I started smocking.  It is quite fun and looks better than I could have hoped.  Now I know that it is approx 16 pleats/ inch and 1 pleated inch is 3 1/4" non-pleated inches.  I had to change my plan of design.  So it's a good learning experience and will help me in the future.

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